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Learning to Drive

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is an exciting time but can also be quite daunting,we can help.

Once you pass your test and you get your first car, you open up new adventures. You will have the freedom to drive to and from college or work, visit new places, family and friends.

Your first lessons will be carried out in a safe environment , you will learn in a new dual controlled car and train in a suitable area ideal for the standard you are at, for example quiet roads and car parks. You will not drive on dual carriageways or major roundabouts until we feel you are ready. This will be a gradual process. Remember we can take control of the car at any speed and any situation.

Learning to drive with us can be broken down into 6 simple steps and we're here to help you every step of the way:

STEP 1: Getting your provisional driving licence. Before you can begin to learn to drive you'll need a provisional driving licence. You can apply for this 3 months before your 17th birthday .

You can apply for your provisional licence using a form (D1) that you can get from your local post office or online. It should take 3 weeks to arrive.

STEP 2: Book your first lesson. Once you have your provisional driving licence we'd suggest you book in for your first lesson as there may be a waiting list. It's not possible to book your practical driving test until you've passed your theory test so best to get that out of the way.

STEP 3: To help you pass your theory test we will provide theory driving test information to get you started and try to get this booked and passed in a fairly quick time .it lasts for 2 years so plenty of time to get through your practical test. 

STEP 4 Once you have your provisional licence and are 17 years old,you are now legally able to take your first lesson with an Approved driving instructor(ADI). Go ahead and book your hour assessment lesson with one of our local driving instructors who will be able to discuss any questions you may have about learning to drive as well as help you decide which driving course would be best for you either one hour sessions,1.5 hours or two hour sessions.

STEP 5:After approximately 30-40 hours of tuition (everyone is different so may take you longer or shorter time )you will be able to book your practical test. 

STEP 6: Pass your driving test!